Welcome to the German Vaulting Championships
from September, 24-26, in Verden

Die deutschen Meisterschaften im Voltigieren finden vom 24. bis 26. September in der Niedersachsenhalle Verden statt. Die Voltigierer sind seit einigen Jahren gerngesehene Gäste in Verden und jede einzelne Veranstaltung ist Spannung pur, wenn die Luftakrobaten ihr Können zeigen.

The German Vaulting Championships have already been held several times in the Niedersachsenhalle, and Nations' Cup competitions have also taken place. Many of the decisions are pure suspense, and during a competition you can hear a pin drop before thunderous cheering breaks out.

If you want to experience one of the greatest vaulting events with the best audience in Europe, you can't avoid a visit to the Niedersachsenhalle! "There is no more beautiful vaulting event than the one in Verden. We are already looking forward to the next events in the equestrian city, because then it's again, Verden vaulting'!" 



The show invitation for German Championships in Vaulting will be published at the end of June. We ask for your patience.





The preliminary schedule for the German Vaulting Championships in Verden is online.


German Championships in Vaulting

We are looking forward to welcoming you here in the equestrian city of Verden!


Your way to the riders' town of Verden

The riders' town of Verden also bears the title "Horse-friendly community" and shows on small and big occasions that the motto "Gaudeamus equis" - We have joy in horses - is lived here.

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